Welcome to NeoCord’s documentation!

An elegant asynchronous API wrapper around Discord Bot API.


  • Pythonic & asynchronous API interface using asyncio.

  • Object Oriented design with no dirty payloads involved.

  • Proper handling and prevention of HTTPs ratelimits.

  • Performant and optimized for all use cases.

  • Easy to use, Consistent and fully user friendly.


NeoCord requires Python 3.8 or higher.

This library can be installed by the traditional and python’s favorite package manager pip:

pip install -U neocord

Basic Usage

import neocord

client = neocord.Client()

# Register a READY event listener that fires whenever
# the bot gets ready initally. "once" sets the event to call only once.
@client.on('ready', once=True)
async def on_ready():
print(f'{client.user} is ready.')

# Listen to messages...
async def on_message(message):
if message.author.bot:
   # Don't respond to bots (or ourselves).

if message.content.lower() == '!ping':
   # command used, let's send a response!
   await message.channel.send('Pong from NeoCord!')

# run the bot.


You can explore the possibilites of this library in this documentation. These are the pages that you can checkout.